Our Structured Curriculum

Monday – (Swedish) This course covers the laws, ethics, draping, body mechanics, principles and theory, indications/contra-indications, pathology, Western and Eastern theories and approaches, Thai yoga bodywork and a lot of supervised hands-on time to practice with fellow students.

Tuesday – (Anatomy & Physiology) This course covers the 10 Physiological organ systems of the body. This course is presented in an informative manner using texts, models and PowerPoint presentations with chapter, mid-term and final challenges (tests) given.

Wednesday – (Kinesiology — Functional Anatomy) This course covers with great detail the entire muscular system and how each muscle can play a roll in pain. We will spend from 2-4 and even to 5-7 weeks in muscle compartment that is covered. You will receive power-point presentation, lecture, demonstrations with body drawing and a lot of supervised hands-on time to practice your palpatory skills during student trades.

Thursday – (Clinical and Structural Bodywork) This course covers the many applications, evaluating methods and clinical treatment strategies when working with postural distortions, impinged nerve, nerve entrapments and nerve compressions, stiff and restricting joint movements, poor posture such as the Downward Collapsed “Stooped” posture and the Upward Elevated “Arched” posture and many of the sports related injuries, such as rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and chronic failed back syndromes.

This is a hands-on class with much of the class devoted to practicing. The student trades are 90 minutes long with an instructor present for questions and answer. This class is where you develop your skills.

Our Curriculum is a gradual process starting from basic terminology and bone anatomy that will progress into a deeper level of understanding of the human body and how and what makes it work efficiently.

We understand there is a financial aspect to your decision when choosing a school; but before you invest your time and money make sure you check out the Florida School of Advanced Bodywork and everything it has to offer.

Our professionally published book, Structural Balancing: Clinical Approach, published by McGraw-Hill Publishing, is the primary textbook used for Wednesday and Thursday classes.

Thank you again for your interest in the Professional Massage and Bodywork Training here at The Florida School of Advanced Bodywork.

We look forward to training you.
Sean Ivan, LMT, Director
Kyle C. Wright, LMBT, NCTMB, Founder
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork


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