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Our Massage School Program

We provide you with the education and experience necessary to be a competent and successful clinical, medical massage therapist. Or if you prefer the relaxation, spa part of the industry, you’ll be VERY qualified to perform that work as well.

You’ll train with highly experienced exert instructors, and attend a school with a very high pos rate.

Th curriculum and teaching methods were designed over many years, with over 12,000 students going through the program since 1992.

Read through the pages, get familiar with our program and curriculum, then give us a call and discuss your career options with one of our school directors.

Find out more about Our 500 Hour Curriculum and Advanced Training and Continuing Education Courses.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Truly,
Sean Ivan, LMT — Director

Kyle C. Wright, LMBT — Founder

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