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NOTE: We feel and think that to be a Superior Performer in any profession, the more you know about that profession and its history, the better and more successful you’ll be. We are committed to making you the best at your chosen profession. Therefore we do our best to provide you with as much information and insight as possible.

Kyle Treating Client at Table-side - Your Clinical, Medical Massage Therapy CareerThe Schools of Advanced Bodywork provide you the highest level of insight, knowledge and skills in Clinical, Medical Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork.

The Power of Touch is not exclusive to massage therapists.  It is a basic human need existing within each of us.  A massage therapist is trained in the art of touch; how to identify and effectively treat the numerous indications for massage therapy while adhering to high standards of professional ethics and boundaries.

In today’s busy society the element of touch is getting lost amongst responsibilities, skepticism, and fear; yet for many people, massage therapy is viewed as “safe touch” that can bridge the gap between our reservations and requisite needs for human contact.

Some of the most frequently sought after treatments address fatigue, stress, tension, muscle aches and pains, and a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, all of which can be reduced and often eliminated through the proper use of professional massage & bodywork techniques.

Statistics outlining the trend in massage therapy have shown consistent increase in the awareness and acceptance of massage therapy. Your medical massage therapy career helps fill that demand.

The field of massage continues to grow and strengthen to a viable and sought after form of therapy and an ever increasing alternative to Western medicine. A career in massage therapy affords a flexible schedule as well as a wide range of avenues in which to practice.  The standards by which all licensed massage and bodywork therapist adhere to promote continual advancements within the field of massage therapy.

Now is a great time to jump into the field of massage therapy; our class sizes are small, the program can be completed in just six months, and it is a very reasonable investment for your future. Your instructors are highly trained and successful therapists in their own right.

Our highly specialized, medically therapeutic curriculum focuses on giving you the full range of clinical tools you need to be among the best, Leading Edge Therapists in the industry, able to work effectively and efficiently with the most challenging clients.

Students Graduating from NCSAB - Your Clinical, Medical Massage Therapy CareerWith a track record of 100% pass rates on national exams, we will, in six or twelve months, prepare you for a highly rewarding, life-long career helping people resolve their musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, restoring them to a better life in the process.

Please read the following pages to learn more what this work is all about, how we are different, and how you will benefit in your new, medical massage therapy career:

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