About Florida SAB Medical Massage Therapy School …

About the Florida School of
Advanced Bodywork, a Medical Massage Therapy School

• History

Kyle C. Wright, founder of the Schools of Advanced Bodywork in Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL, is a practicing massage therapist with 30 years of clinical experience in manual therapy.

Structural Balancing, A Clinical Approach, authored by Kyle, was published by McGraw-Hill publishing and is the primary textbook used at NCSAB.

The FloridaSAB Clinical Massage Therapy teaching staff is dedicated to the idea that your education can be fun while preparing you with some of the most highly marketable massage therapy skills and techniques available.

FloridaSAB offers advanced training in massage therapy; providing students with broad employment options upon graduating and licensing.

FloridaSAB blends the highly requested clinical program with the ease and comfort of a talented and experienced faculty making it a truly life-changing experience.

Florida SAB
Medical Massage Therapy School:

• Mission Statement

Florida School of Advanced Bodywork is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for each individual student to gain the knowledge and practical application of clinical massage therapy and structural bodywork.

• Facility

The Florida School of Advanced Bodywork is located in the Jacksonville, Florida region.

The facility is open and spacious, providing a wonderful environment for class sizes up to 20 students, including plenty of room for lectures, hands-on instruction, and clinical internship.

Portable massage tables, audiovisual equipment, digital presentations and many anatomical charts and tools are utilized for higher-level learning.

A Reference Library is available for students, graduates and staff to use.

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• Location

FloridaSAB is located at:

9424 Baymeadows Road, Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32256

(904) 337-1602

Administrative Staff

Florida School of Advanced Bodywork is a Florida Chartered Corporation and is held in ownership by:

Governing Body

Sean Ivan, LMT

President / Owner
Kyle C. Wright, LMBT

Diwakar Nagula, D.O.

Curriculum Developer
Kyle C. Wright, LMBT

Director of Training / Instructor
Sean Ivan, LMT

Marda Harper, RN, Instructor
Michelle Langevin, BS, LMT, CHMLDT


9424 Baymeadows Road, Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32256

(904) 337-1602

e-Mail: admissions@floridasab.com