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Once our students at the Florida School of Advanced Bodywork reach their midway point in our program and successfully fulfill their required course material they become eligible to begin their clinical experience in our Student Massage Clinic by giving full-body therapeutic massages (Swedish Massage, a full body relaxation massage to relieve stress and muscle tensions) or specific treatment of soft tissue pain due to injury or postural distortion (Clinical, Structural Bodywork) to the general public.

This experience exposes students to real world situations that might very well come up in a clinical environment. This is a learning opportunity for the students. We ask the public to join in and be part of the student’s learning process.

The clinic is a place where students develop confidence in their clinical assessments and practical skills before graduation.

Our Highly Specialized Student
Massage Clinic Services & Details

The Florida School of Advanced Bodywork specializes in longer massage & bodywork sessions.  Our students have been taught by “leading edge” instructors that many painful afflictions people suffer from very often take more time to resolve than a common one-hour massage.

At the FLSAB, our students are devoted to helping their clients resolve significant pain, restrictive joint movements, and poor postural issues many have yet to find relief for. This is a specific treatment of soft tissue pain due to injury, restricted activities, and poor postural habits.

Our students have been thoroughly trained in Postural Assessment and Structural Analysis, a process designed to help determine what muscles are most likely involved in causing a client’s issues.

Students spend 10 hours a week, every week, studying kinesiology (science of movement), pain patterns, and treatment strategies for alleviating muscular imbalances, often the “root cause” of the many underlying patterns of pain. The student’s training is a very medical and clinical massage oriented approach.

An intake history form will be given to each client at the beginning of his or her Clinical, Structural Bodywork Session or Full Body, Therapeutic “Swedish” Massage, which the client will complete and sign.

Following the client’s session, the client will rate his/her massage session by completing an evaluation form. This is an effective learning tool for the massage therapy student.

Students are required to perform a minimum of 40 hours in the student clinic prior to graduation.

We invite you to check out our student massage clinic in hopes to resolving your pain and discomfort.

Of Great Importance … We believe in a …

No Pain equals More Gain approach.

You should be liking, not fighting, the sensations produced by the therapist’s application of pressure on your skin, muscles and fascia. Or at least be very neutral about what you’re experiencing. If the pressure gets too deep, the student invites you to let them know so they can adjust their pressure to provide you the best experience possible.

The more you communicate with the student, the better, and this is NOT about what you can tolerate.

Students are required to perform a minimum of 40 hours in the Student Massage Clinic prior to graduation.

Swedish Massage Therapy:  Full body relaxation massage to relieve stress and muscle tensions.

Clinical, Structural Bodywork Therapy:  The specific treatment of soft tissue pain due to injury or postural distortion.  (To alleviate chronic pain, keep athletes performing at optimal levels, to allow the body to become physiologically correct and opposing gravity properly, release muscles that are holding bones/joints out of sync)

Please Check Our Our Student Massage Clinic, Services & Details

Fridays from 10am to 10pm

FLSAB Student Fee Structure:

2 Hour – Structural Bodywork Session – $80

90 Minute – Structural Bodywork Session – $60

1 Hour – Swedish Massage – $40

Please Schedule Your Student Massage Appointment by Calling:

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