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Is A Medical Massage Therapy Career Viable Today?

The field of massage continues to grow and strengthen to an increasingly effective and sought after form of therapy. In fact, it’s been a very effective and efficient way to heal many musculo-skeletal, neuro-muscular, and musculo-fascial issues for many years. It is just now becoming more recognized for that capacity to reduce or resolve so many “Soft Tissue Issues.”

The Soft Tissues — the muscles, fascia, tendons & ligaments and to a lesser degree organs, nerves, & vessels — comprise a vast portion of the body. And, the muscular components — with their ability to produce a substantial degree of contraction, shortening, hardening, dehydration & irritation of nerves — can exert many forces upon other soft tissues and bones, producing many stresses and pathologies in the body.

We find relaxation of C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress) to be a valuable key to reducing or eliminating many of the tensions and stresses producing so many conditions and pathologies in the body. Relaxation of muscle cells reduces tentions and stresses on a wide range of tissues in the body.

You’ll become an expert at facilitating your clients in learning to Feel, Relax, Lengthen & Balance those overly tense musculo-fascial units causing so many problems for so many people.

Clinical / Medical Massage is seen by clients, patients, and physicians as an ever expanding alternative to Western medicine. Increasing numbers of Western trained physicians are turning to various forms of massage therapy to help their patients with a wide range of “soft tissue issues.”

Your medical massage therapy career solving injuries, inflammation, pain & more

An in-depth, superior education in Clinically Oriented, Medical Massage techniques puts our graduates at the top of the list for those wanting a career working with such physicians. More physicians are seeking out clinically trained massage therapists who understand the role of soft tissue dysfunction and musculoskeletal pathologies. Many of the healthcare specialists in the field of pain management seek out our FLSAB graduates because of the clinically focused, advanced training they receive.

 FACT: Our first 2 graduates at the new FLSAB in 2016 were employed by two Neurology groups.

Your medical massage therapy career affords you a flexible schedule as well as a wide range of avenues in which to practice.

Now is a great time to jump into a massage therapy career. Our class sizes are small, the program can be completed in just 6 months full time or 12 months part time, and it is in many ways a very reasonable yet rewarding investment for your future.

Become A Self-Employed, Private Practitioner
OR A High-Value, In-Demand Employee

One common choice of graduates is to develop a self-employed, Private Practice. With the right training in skills and knowledge, plus your personal motivation to get the word out to potential Clients, this option affords you:

  • Setting your own hours
  • High career satisfaction
  • Helping people on a daily basis
  • Contributing to society
  • Low stress environment
  • Choosing Who you want to work with as Clients
  • Design your Life the way you want it

Alternatively, in your personalized medical massage therapy career, you can work in a wide range of employment opportunities:

  • With Physicians (medical, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic) whom  employ massage therapists
  • In Health Care and Rehabilitation Facilities
  • In Health & Athletic Clubs
  • In Spas & Resorts
  • Become a well respected Instructor of Massage Therapy

FLSAB classroom for your medical massage therapy career

For you to take advantage of these opportunities, we truly believe the Florida School of Advanced Bodywork, Inc. (FLSAB) is a unique school specializing in providing you with the most advanced clinical and medical massage therapy training available in the country.

We are fully equipped to give you the training and experience you need to achieve your chosen massage career.

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What, Exactly, Will You Be Able To
Do When You’ve Graduated?

Well, it’s a wide open field, ripe for innovation and creativity. Your medical massage therapy career has a wide range of possibilities, limited only by your imagination. And of course, you don’t have to go the medical route if you prefer the Relaxation / Spa end of the market.

Yet having that clinical / medical knowledge & skill will enhance your value wherever you work.

Physicians and Clinical / Medical Massage
& Structural Bodywork

Another opportunity is working with physicians who understand the value of soft tissue therapy treatments for many of their patients’ painful afflictions difficult to treat by other means. Many physicians hire massage / bodywork therapists to work in their clinics or hospitals.

Others refer to therapists in private practice or at the many specialized therapy clinics featuring massage & bodywork.

You’ll become an expert at understanding and working with such soft tissue issues, helping your clients achieve results they’re looking for. Physicians very much appreciate relief and improvement you provide their patients.

Your ability to work “Think and Work Structurally” with clients & patients, revealing to them our insights, strategies, and techniques, will give that “edge” you need to be a highly valued practitioner by all.

Of course, you’ll be free to work with clients without a physician’s referral or supervision, yet the more relationships you build with medical and health care professionals, the greater your referral base will be.

It is our job to make you so knowledgeable, conversant, and skilled about soft tissue issues and their causes that physicians will quickly realize you truly are an expert in our field of health care.

Anti-Aging or Elegant Aging Therapy

One huge market rapidly opening up is the Baby-Boomers who have started retiring in large numbers. They are one of the most health conscious groups of people we’ve ever seen. And many of them have sufficient funds to invest in their health care.

As we age, our muscles accumulate what we call C.E.M.&.N.T. (chronic, excess muscle & nerve tension & stress) also known as “tight muscles,” usually including a hardening of the surrounding fascia and tightening of the tendons. As muscles, fascia, and tendons tighten, harden, and shorten, various aches & pains, reduced function, and pathologies very often result.

We have found many of the symptoms people experience are, basically, little more than “tight muscles.” Yet their negative effects can profoundly influence the function and comfort of the human body. Eventually, this negatively affects their Quality of Life, as well.

Although it is of course, ideally, best for them to work with you preventively, before they have to many problems and soft tissue issues to deal with, in many cases it will be when their quality of life is diminished, or suffering, they’ll be far more motivated to seek your services.

Your new-found ability will be to help clients Feel, Relax, Lengthen & Balance their soft tissues; their muscles, fascia and tendons. This, in turn, decompresses joints and ligaments and other tissues and structures of their body. That in turn reduces or relieves many of the problems arising from such “tight muscles and fascia.”

You’re training allows you to provide “Anti-Aging” or “Elegant Aging” therapy for clients who want to proactively reduce the tensions and stresses in their bodies, keeping them feeling younger and more vital. This will help them prevent many of the afflictions affecting so many people as they get older.

We call it “Structural De-Compression & Balancing.” And you’ll know how to do this when you complete your training at the FLSASB.

This decompression and balancing process can take a few weeks to a few months, then they often switch to a “maintenance mode” where they come in, for example, on a monthly basis for “tune-up” sessions.

An entire practice can be built on that approach alone. After a few years, many forward thinking and well trained therapists can be booked up for the entire year just on their maintenance appointments.

Sports & Athletics (Sports Massage)

Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts who use their body a lot can benefit in many ways. For example, golfers need specialized therapy to maximize their follow through on their golf swing, not to mention relieving the stresses and tensions that naturally build up while playing.

Working with professional athletes and or sports teams can be a very rewarding career path.

The FLSAB does not teach the standard sports massage methods. Many Sports Massage methods have a standard “routine” for performing a more generic sports massage service. We at FLSAB have our own approach, where we directly target an athlete’s or musician’s specific challenges and address them with tailor made sessions.

And, our manual technique, with our No Pain, More Gain method, provides a unique experience most clients say they’ve never experienced before. You’ll learn how to do this style of therapy at FLSAB.

Maternity & Infant Massage & Bodywork

For those of you with an affinity for young families and the child-bearing years, maternity & infant work can be a way to channel your career — with your unique insights, knowledge & skills — into a very rewarding niche.

A mother’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and many of them produce pain & dysfunction patterns due to increased tension in the musculo-fascial & neuromuscular systems.

Understanding changing gravitational pulls and how they change as the child grows in the womb help you understand what muscles get over tense and stressed. You can provide relief for the many mothers who suffer discomfort, restricted range-of-motion or even pain as a result of these body changes.

It is also known that very young children, from infancy on, respond VERY well to proper tactile stimulation to the skin of the body. This stimulation in turn accelerates growth of nerve tissues.

One interesting aspect of the health aspects of the more general style of Swedish Massage is the proven effect it has on the improved development of infants. It’s been shown children are far more well adjusted and healthy when they’ve had sufficient touch from an early age. Infant Massage has been demonstrated to improve growth of nerve tissue and other body systems.

By virtue of the skin’s close association with the central nervous system, this cutaneous stimulation is literally awakening organic functions in the newborns’ internal organs, and without it their chances of survival are markedly diminished.

Even those who had been previously retarded showed dramatic increases in their weight, height, energy, and mental acuity. In institution after institution, the mystery of infant merasmus* was cleared up: The tactile stimulation associated with tender, loving care was absolutely crucial to a baby’s development. Without it, no amount of food and no kind of medicine could produce a healthy individual.

Juhan, Deane (2015-01-31). Job’s Body (Kindle Locations 1542-1544). Barrytown/Station Hill Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

(* Marasmus is a form of severe malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency.)

Infant Massage might well be an excellent career opportunity for therapists with an affinity for families and children. If you’ve an ability to teach, teaching infant massage, and / or couples massage, can be a  great and rewarding adjunct to your practice. It also gets your name out there to a wider range of potential clients.

Corporate Wellness & Stress Management

The value to business and corporations to keep their employees happier and healthier is growing by the day. And it is getting more recognized, as well. Much research is being done demonstrating the value of such wellness & stress management and ergonomic programs.

Your insights into posture and structure, and C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress) can make you very valuable to a company that recognized the value of providing  their employees ways to make them happier and healthier, and with less stress and tension.

One way to get known and build a therapy practice is to develop a routine you can perform on employees while they’re sitting right in their chairs at work. Or you can bring a massage chair.

The principles and techniques you’ll learn from us are directly applicable to such environments.

Even More Options In Your Medical Massage Therapy Career

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