Advanced Yoga Therapy & Yoga-based,
Hands-on Bodywork Trainings
(with David Scott Lynn – DSL)

Application of these Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. The DSL Method is profoundly sensible.

Leslie Hunter
Yoga Teacher
Sedona, Arizona

Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s [DSL Method] technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.

Dr. John Bordiuk, M.D.
Nutritionally Oriented M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Marino Center • Wellesley, Massachusetts

Elements of the DSL Method for:

Yoga / Bodywork / Whole Health
Educators & Therapists

Physical / Mental Yoga

• Relational Yoga

• The EdgeTouch™ Hands-On Release Technique

Self Care & Injury Prevention for Yoga Teachers & Bodyworkers

• BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Assessment

• Advanced Structural Anatomy & Functional Kinesiology

• Neuromuscular & Myofascial Physiology & Neurology

• YogasAnalysis™ & Therapeutic Strategies

• Internal / External Ergonomics

• Tai Chi / Chi Kung-based Movement Therapy

• SECC: Strength, Endurance, Cardio & gross Coordination

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